Ariel (lodessa) wrote,

Drabble/Ficlet Offer

So silver_fic asked me to write Angel/Cordelia ages ago, and still long ago when I couldn't do that she asked for Fred/Spike. I wanted to ask for drabble or ficlet requests today, but I felt bad about that lingering request. So I wrote an actual drabble. Here it is.

He pushes the door open, doesn’t walk through it. Nearing midnight but these people fail to comprehend the meaning of 9 to 5. Focused on the microscope field of view, she doesn’t notice it. Got that waifish beauty. He has to wonder what it was like… when she was crazy. Wouldn’t have been anything like Dru… no the very opposite. Too much logic and anxiety. Dru all languid certainty. More like the frightened little birds he used to fetch. Still is, at his touch she jumps in surprise. No supernatural strength, no danger. Not vampire. Not Slayer. Definitely not Slayer.

And with that I am free to offer drabbles and/or ficlets. Anything I like/read/watch. So please give me prompts/requests.
Tags: ats, fic
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